How is Your Badging Attached?

There are several ways to debadge your car but it gets a little more complicated when badging is clipped to your vehicle. Here are some tips of how to debadge this type of vehicle.

Some badging is attached using both adhesive and rivets or clips. First, remove the adhesive to see if there are clips or rivets also. To loosen adhesive, spray on adhesive remover. You should be able to see if there are clips or rivets.

You can remove the rivets or clips yourself with some simple tools such as an electronic drill or a screwdriver. Once the badging is removed, you will need to fill the rivet or clip holes and get that area repainted. Cutter Mitsubishi-Aiea can do all of this for you and make your car look good. Our team can service all your other vehicle needs too, so bring it down for an estimate!



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