A reliable vehicle is a necessity for drivers in Aiea, and our team wants you to be an informed vehicle owner. At CUTTER MITSUBISHI-AIEA, your safety is always our most important priority. You need to know a few facts about recalls.

The manufacturer will recall a vehicle when the model has a defect. The automobile manufacturer will usually pay for the maintenance service. Generally, a recall will not affect the entire vehicle. The car should be safe to drive after the vehicle is serviced.

If you receive a recall letter, schedule a maintenance appointment. The defect needs to be repaired in a timely manner. Recalled tires need to be replaced within 60 days of the recall date. In addition to the letter, the recall information will be listed on the NHTSA recalls site. The NHTSA also has an online brochure. The brochure will give you more detailed information about vehicle recalls.



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