Slippery roads, terrible traffic, dangerous conditions. These are all signs of a rainy day on the roads. It is something that we will all experience at some point in time. How we react to those conditions is what separates those who know what to do from those who do not. It can be a critical life and death kind of thing, so it is best to pay attention to some safety tips.

First, make sure your vehicle is road-ready for the rainy weather. This means defogging the windows and also checking on the condition of windshield wiper blades. Both of these measures can help bring about greater safety in the vehicle. The wiper blades can be damaged in the winter by the cold weather pretty easily.

While doing all that, make sure to also drive slowly and far enough back from other drivers that you have time to react if something happens. You need that response time to make your own critical decisions about what to do next.

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