Have you noticed that your car tires are turning brown? You may be having issues with blooming, which is when the rubber of your sidewall starts to collect brake dust and mold. It’s important to use the right tire cleaning solution to avoid further issues with cracking and rot. Most tire cleaners are specially formulated to handle tires that are treated with antiozonant, which prevents tires from drying out. However, this is also the main reason why tires turn brown when they are not cleaned properly.

Before applying a cleaner, you should hose down your car’s tires with water. It’s best if you have a pressure washer to get all of the grime out of your tires, but you can also use a nylon brush with stiff bristles to scrub down your tires. After cleaning your tires, you should thoroughly rinse them, making sure that the sidewall is completely clean and dry before finishing the job.

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