Discovering that you have a dead battery doesn't have to mean that you are unable to drive anywhere as long as you have a way to get it charged. You don't want to charge your battery too quickly or it could result in the cells leaking fluid. Make sure the cables that are used are in the best condition and aren't frayed.

When you charge your battery, clean the terminals as well since many slow starts and other issues while driving in Aiea, HI can sometimes be attributed to terminals that are corroded. Avoid touching them as you could get battery acid on your skin or clothes, which can result in a burn.

Caps are usually located on most batteries. These should be removed so that there is easy access to the terminals when you connect the cables. Cutter Mitsubishi-Aiea can put caps on the cells to minimize damage to the battery and to help keep the terminals from getting too corroded over time.

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