At Cutter Mitsubishi-Aiea, we regularly encounter drivers who think alignment service is not necessary. Our experience tells us otherwise. Periodic alignment service at our Aiea, HI location will help your vehicle roll straighter and smoother, and it will give your tires more life.

Every 10,000 miles or 12 months, we should assess your alignment. We'll put your vehicle on our alignment machine. It will evaluate your auto's caster, camber and toe readings. Let's demystify those terms. Caster simply tells us whether your front and rear wheels track properly. Camber shows us each tire's angle with the pavement. Perfection is a right angle. Finally, toe checks that each tire rolls straight on flat surfaces. We want a neutral reading, but we commonly see tires that point left or right a bit.

Our team expertly addresses any problems discovered. We clear all parts and labor costs with you first. You'll depart in a vehicle that travels smoothly and treats your tires kinder.

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